live earth and (product) red

I posted this elsewhere this weekend, but thought I’d put it here as well…

 On July 7, Live Earth will broadcast The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis from all 7 continents. Get it? 7/7/07 on 7 continents. So if you’re in New York, you could see Kanye West and Fall Out Boy among others. If you happen to be in Sydney you could catch Wolfmother and Jack Johnson. If you can’t make it in person (London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janerio, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hamburg are the other venues. The Antarctica location hasn’t been advertised just yet.) you can watch the whole deal streaming live at at MSN . So, what to make of Live Earth? Should we be excited or cynical?
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top 100 films, macgyver, and duke special

The American Film Institute has just come out with their top 100 Movies list. Here’s the top 5:


My friend Mike is a huge MacGyver fan… like, he has all of the seasons on DVD. So I knew I had to post the list of problems solved by MacGyver. Hilarious. To me.

In the vein of last week’s simple animated music video post, I give you Duke Special’s Freewheel. Love that Belfast accent.

taking a july break

One of the things the PCC staff is continually trying to balance is our desire to provide strategic discipleship opportunities (like Summer Funner Theatre happening this week and the High School missions trip later this summer) without overloading people’s calendars. Sometimes I think we get it right, other times I’m not so sure. That’s the nature of church ministry.

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rescue and restore: more on human trafficking

Last evening Maggie and I attended the talk at the Glen Ellyn Public Library on human trafficking in Illinois. The woman who gave the talk is from the Department of Human Services. The DHS has formed the Rescue and Restore Campaign to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of human trafficking and to rescue victims of the trade. Here are a few of the things we learned last night:

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summer funner theatre: in full swing

If you’ve been by the Parkview building this week then you’ve probably witnessed the crazy activity that is Summer Funner Theatre.  Terry Escallier sent me the following stats:

  • There are 125 kids in the morning session.
  • There are 108 kids in the afternoon session.
  • And there are 68 volunteers helping out everyday to make it all happen.

Here are a few photos of the action on Tuesday.

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human trafficking meeting at glen ellyn library

Maggie and I will be attending a free event at the Glen Ellyn Public Library tomorrow (Wednesday, 6/20) at 7:00 PM. The event will focus on the practice of human trafficking (often called “modern day slavery”) in the state of Illinois. Many of us have been aware of this horrific practice taking place around the world, but its existence in our own country is a more recent realization. Thought some of you might be interested.

More information on human trafficking on the Illinois Department of Human Services website.