chicago cubs: limericks and photos

cubsfan.jpgTypically on Saturday I try to share a video that I’ve found to be intriguing, funny, provocative, or weird. However, given that we are in the waning days of September and the Cubs have not yet disappeared into their familiar oblivion, it only seems right to highlight the team from the north side.

Sox fans, stay cool. I know it’s been a tough year and this isn’t meant to be salt in the wounds. I confess that I tend to be more interested in the Cubs than the Sox, but that has more to do with my indoctrination into the National League at a young age. But that’s a story for another day.

So, no video today. Instead, take a look at these great photos from Wrigley along with some quirky limericks that both celebrate and bemoan the life of a Cubs fan.

mother teresa’s long dark night

time.jpgThe cover of this week’s Time Magazine features an article titled, The Secret Life of Mother Teresa. Why does a national magazine feature Mother Teresa 10 years after her death? According to the article a new book, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, brings to light correspondence that has not been widely read until now. These letters reveal a side of Mother Teresa’s spiritual life that will likely be surprising to many.

…in a letter to a spiritual confidant, the Rev. Michael van der Peet, that is only now being made public, she wrote with weary familiarity of a different Christ, an absent one. “Jesus has a very special love for you,” she assured Van der Peet. “[But] as for me, the silence and the emptiness is so great, that I look and do not see,–Listen and do not hear–the tongue moves [in prayer] but does not speak … I want you to pray for me–that I let Him have [a] free hand.”

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rick morrissey on michael vick

Whether or not you’ve wanted follow the Michael Vick saga it has been hard to miss. Basically, the star quarterback for the Atalanta Falcons has been accused of holding brutal dog fights on his property in Virginia. Allegedly some of the dogs were tortured and killed. It is now being reported that Vick will plead guilty to a conspiracy charge later this month. People are now wondering whether he will ever play in the NFL again.

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